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Coconut Water - How Much Sugar?

As a fan of coconut water one of my summer brainwaves was to undertake a mini project collecting and tasting all the coconut waters I could find in Abu Dhabi.  


This turned into more of an project than expected!  


When will I learn that writing these posts never takes less than a day - especially after telling friends what I'm up to!  


WhatsApp went crazy with pictures of coconut water (Nic do you have this yet?!)  I lost track and encouraged everyone to buy whatever they could find, so we ended up with an overflow of cartons and bottles!  Seems they were all the same ... oops!


Ugh, boy-o-boy some of those “waters" are really very sweet.   Others have additives in them that I didn’t want to drink, so I gave up on the taste testing.


Then students were trying to do maths homework with missing data - who drank that carton and didn’t tell anyone?!


To top it off security thought we were trashing the beach whilst trying to get this photo. They forgave us in the end - opened our real mamma and let us off when they could see we were slightly insane (who does this at 8.00 am in 40 degrees?)


My findings are based on sugar content and what’s most in line with nature.  Which brand would I recommend for anyone wanting a carton, can or bottle?   


So, here are the results:


Number One:  Fresh Coconut Water

Fresh coconut water has roughly 3g sugar per 100ml along with a number of minerals including potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium (Nutrition Data, 2016).


I’ve given it first place because it’s natural and has no packaging.  

Just drinking from a fresh coconut makes the day feel more juicy.  It’s unlikely to be organic though?  And doesn't fit in a handbag very easily!


Pop up to Mina Port - sit at the coconut stand and let the world drift by...



Number Two: Celebes Organic

With 1.3g sugar per 100ml this is a clear leader when it comes to sugar content. It tastes great, is easy to find in most supermarkets and costs less than many others. Celebes have organic and fair trade certifications.

When out and about and have a coconut water urge - then grab this beauty!  

Easy to find, costs less than many others and fits in a handbag

(important detail - me thinks)!


And the rest:

Here are the results for you to see for yourself.  Where does your coconut water stack up on this list?




Hope this information helps save you time and energy label reading when you next fancy a coconut water.


Please note this is not a sponsored post.  

I do not take commission from food or drink companies.   


Information accurate as of June 2016.

With thanks to Mohammed for compiling the data and the above image for his maths homework :)


If you like what you’ve read please feel free to share!






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