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Certified Food and Spirit Practitioner


Just finished this beautiful, thought provoking and potentially life changing course.


Looking forward to being able to integrate the teachings into my work, once I’ve played and practiced with them in my own life first! 


Never ask someone to do something you’re not prepared to do yourself!


Food & Spirit™ has been developed by Dr. Deanna Minich as a full-spectrum approach to whole-self health.   It's scientific, logical, and nutritional, along with incorporating the spiritual, creative and symbolic connections we have with food and eating.​  This takes nutrition into the realm of "complete" nourishment through the Seven Systems of Health.​


These Seven Systems come from ancient traditions and are called:


Will keep you posted on how things are evolving and how we can work together using Food and Spirit™ in the future.



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February 27, 2016

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"Leave your drugs in the chemist pot if you can heal the patient with food.”  



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