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Settled, Unsettled...and Therapeutic Connections


I’ve just returned to ‘normal life after a month of attending “The Most Beautiful, Delicious, Heartwarming Yoga and Meditation Course I could ever have dreamt, or wished to have been a part of.


Without getting carried away over personal details, I wanted to share that change and new experiences often bring mixed thoughts, feelings and emotions.  Including stages of feeling settled, safe and secure along with feeling unsettled, unsure and the fear of the unknown.


Having been extended beyond my comfort zone, asked to inquire deeply into my perspective on many aspects of love, life, death and more... I’m coming back to ’normal life and work' not only more sensitive, but also with a deeper understanding of how important a therapeutic connection is.  When we share part of ourselves, our deeper selves, we can really understand better what makes us tick.  Both in health and illness.


Feeling vulnerable isn’t always a comfortable position to be in, but sometimes it helps shine the light on what our next steps need to be.


Here’s to humanity, honesty, open hearts and health.


With love,



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