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Five Steps to Regain Control Over Your Health


It’s time to regain control over our own health!


The contrast between what's in the media and what I see clinically prompted me to share a reminder that “what suits you - suits you” and "what is my healthy is not your healthy”.  


I was reading the headlines this morning and noticed THE FAT DEBATE is back ... high fat diets, low fat diets, and confusing messages about which fat diet is best for us as a nation.


The rest of my day was spent with clients in consultations going through very personalised wellness plans based on health status, food, lifestyles, biochemical, functional and genetic tests ... 


"What suits you, suits you."

I’m not suggesting we hide behind information, it's more about gathering information that's relevant to you and moving forward at a pace that you're comfortable with.

There is no newspaper, health expert, or scientist that knows you better than you.
So yes, some people do need a lower fat diet, while others need a higher fat diet. Certain individuals may need additional co-factors to help metabolise fats, and it's worth remembering that sugar, alcohol and stress change the way fat is utilised by the body, so these factors may also need to be taken into account.

Therefore, these headlines and debates may, or may not, be relevant to you.  I understand that we're not all able to get full medical and wellbeing checkups but the tips below are valid for everyone.

Regain control of your health...

1) It's important to be informed - but reduce time spent reading all the mixed messaged health advice that's out there!

2) Use that saved time to buy real (ideally organic) food, and prepare cooked, raw or mixed, meals you enjoy. Listen to your body.  What makes you feel lousy or fabulous?

3) If you are not well, seek support from a multidisciplinary team or make your own team (including a medical professional, GP, MD or specialist consultant) ...

What support do you need?  What do you want to achieve?

Who will best support you with your goals?

4) Get started. One day at a time.

Taking responsibility for your health is about progress - not perfection.

5) Enjoy living! Breathe, love and laugh! 


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