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Although not entirely comfortable giving myself labels over what I do, this seems to be a common question in our society!  

So here goes...


What do you do?

Work wise?! I’m a realist nutritionist.


What’s that mean?

Whilst working together we have a realistic approach to changes that can be, want to be, or need to be made.  Life (at times) can be complicated enough, why make it harder?  Food is amazing, so why punish ourselves with crazy unrealistic regimes?


Anything else?

Therapeutic and coaching tools are used during our sessions together.  Strict diet plans or calorie counted meals are not part of how we’ll work together.


My healthy is not your healthy.  What suits one person will not necessarily suit another. I’m not into diets, new fads, or labelling eating patterns.  My work is personalised so we look at what is best for you, what foods you like and what changes you feel comfortable making.


Do you test?

Yes, whilst working with clients in the UK I frequently used functional assessments.  

Now, as part of a medical and wellness team our work is heavily test based.  I’m familiar with a number of biochemical, functional and genetic tests.


Will I have to stop eating rice, pasta, cheese, biscuits, cake etc.?

Some people have no problems eating certain foods, where as for others it is not helping optimise their health.  In some cases certain foods may actually be detrimental. It all depends on you and your body.  We’ll discuss alternative options, and you are in charge of your health and wellbeing plan, not me!


Okay, what about alcohol?

As above!  If alcohol is contributing to your health issues then we’ll discuss alternative options for you.  If alcohol is causing serious issues then you may require more specialist support than I am able to provide.


Who do you see?

I work with people!  Either as individuals, families or small groups. 

Some may have gone off track with their eating, or maybe just know they don’t feel quite right.  Others have niggling issues or are concerned about family history.

I also work with individuals who have more chronic health conditions and want to explore how food and lifestyle may be able to support them on their road to wellness, either physically or emotionally.


How many sessions will I need?

That depends on you.  Sometimes one or two sessions are adequate and sometimes we may want to work together for longer, so more sessions are required. You are never pushed or obligated to see me!

My aim is to inspire and empower you to be able to better understand yourself and how nutrition and digestion affects your health.  So the least times we need to meet the better (in the nicest possible way)!


How do I book an appointment?

Please call DNA Health Center on: 04 557 1006 or email: for more information.






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