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Strawberry Meditation


Whilst washing up together Mum told me about her strawberry meditation. She described the smell, the taste and the emotions it aroused in her, and I loved the idea so much thought you might like it too!  


This session will take around 5 to 7 minutes.  


Keep an open mind and allow yourself to be delightfully curious as your thoughts, feelings and sensations arise and pass away.  This activity is great to do with a friend or group of friends as one of you reads the instructions the others can participate.


Step 1) Purchase and wash a handful of fresh strawberries.    Other berries could be used if preferred.  


Step 2) Set aside time to participate in this meditation.


Step 3) With your eyes open look at the packaging, is it a paper bag, plastic or something else?  What does it symbolise to you?  


Step 4) Where did the berries come from?  What does this mean to you?  How does this make you feel?   There are no right or wrong answers to this.  It is about awareness.


Step 5) Look at the berry, maybe it still has water droplets on it, maybe it’s dry.  Is it large, small, ready to burst or still needs to ripen further?  What does it look like to you? 


Step 6) Close your eyes.  Smell the berry.  What does it smell of?  Does it trigger any other sensation? 


Step 7) Bite the berry and without swallowing....observe.  Where do you taste it?  Is it on one part of your tongue or throughout your mouth?  How does it feel on the inside of your cheeks, your teeth, your lips?


Step 8)  Now you have bitten into it, can you still smell anything?  Has it changed and if so how?


Step 9) Take another bite of the berry, notice how you feel?  How do you feel physically? Emotionally?  Does this evoke any memories? Again, remember there are no right or wrong answers, this is about becoming aware.


Step 10) Is the taste lingering and if so, what is happening physically and or emotionally?


Take a few minutes to contemplate what you experienced through this meditation. 


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