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Recipe: Raspberry & Chocolate Fudge Bar


This is one of those deserts you can’t quite believe can be good for you.  The smooth chocolate base is complimented by the tangy raspberry and bilberry topping.  


This recipe has successfully passed the taste test with teenagers, BBQ addicts and late night beer drinkers!  I might recommend this to clients who are watching their weight, those who are concerned about their eye health and anyone who wants to give their libido some oomph (this is not a health claim, just letting you know!)


Raspberry Jam

2 punnets of raspberries

1 tablespoon bilberry powder

1 teaspoon date paste

2 tablespoons chia seed


What to do:

Add the ingredients to a blender and mix well.  This gives a relative firm jam, if you want it harder then add another tablespoon of chia seed. Place in the fridge to set.


Chocolate fudge

2 tablespoons date paste

5 tablespoons hot chocolate with maca (I used Of The Earth Superfoods)

300g fresh desiccated coconut

2 tablespoons almond flour

2 tablespoons cocoa powder

100g coconut butter (I used Earth’s Finest)

Dash of water – add by the teaspoon or it will go mushy!


What to do:

Add the ingredients to a food processor, and using the ‘S’ blade allow to mix into a paste.  Remove from the bowl and place into a lined tin.  Press down to firm.

Place in the fridge to cool.

Top with the jam and then put in the freezer until firm. 

Slice and serve.


Makes around 20 small squares.

Takes around 20 minutes to make plus time to chill/freeze.


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