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Five apps for healthy living

The market is overflowing with health and fitness apps and it's something my clients and I frequently discuss.  Some people can't live with them, and others can't live without them!


Here's a run-down of my current five favourite's.


1)  Eight Glasses a Day

Really easy little tool to track the amount of water you’re drinking.  


Ideal for anyone who struggles to sip water throughout the day.


2)  Gratitude Journal

Make love not war! This e-journal records all the things you may be grateful for every day.  Of course you have to write in it, but a great tool for being thankful for the small things in life.


Ideal for everyone, but especially grumpy tumps, those who are feeling low or who have been through a rough patch in life. 


3)  Insight Timer

This app. shows meditation times, who has been meditating with you (virtually), with people all over the world showing up.  The timer is not intrusive and you can choose your tones or jingles and the length of time you want to meditate for. 

It also has guided meditations such as “Hunger Awareness” “Reducing Jetlag” and “Forgiveness for the Body”.  


Ideal for anyone new to meditating (set it for one minute) or for those who want to extend, monitor or record their practice.


4)  Relax Melodies

This little beauty has kept me sane at the end of some long hard days of work and travel.


Ideal for anyone who likes relaxing tunes on the move.


5)  Medscape

Nerdy but true.  Love this app, it keeps me updated with nutrition news and science on the go.


Ideal for anyone who wants to keep up with the latest medical news.


Over to you

Do you use health supporting apps?  Are they working for you?  Which is your all time favourite? 

Or, are you solely guided by your inner truth and don’t need technology?  



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