Nutrition Within

is not
to be alive,
to be well."
Marcus Valerius Martial
for the body
is not enough.
must be food
for the soul."
Dorothy Day

Nutrition Within is operated by Nicola M Pearson MSc, BSc (Hons), Dip ION, RYT200.  

Real Food * Sustainable * Body & Soul * Breathe * Laugh & Love!


Nutrition = The act or process of being nourished.


I love my job!


I love hearing people's stories, hearing how their health history maps out and then working out a plan together to get 'back on track' - I love sharing the science and still (after 12 years of studying and 9 years of working with families and individuals) am amazed at how much of an influence food (and the rest of the things on my "stuff" list!) can have on health.   I love being a nerd, and piecing together science and evidence based work with ancient traditions or mythical beliefs.


My aims are to:

* Inspire people to: live their best lives, be free-spirited and feel empowered... 


* Support families and individuals to optimise their health using great food and inspiring, loving, lifestyle approaches.

* Ensure research can be related to clinical practice. Fitting with real people, real food, real life - whether this be with nutrition, hormones, movement, meditation or similar.

My nature is:

Enthusiastic (let's have tea together!) and compassionate, life is sometimes hard work to navigate through, especially if we're feeling ill or have found ourselves in difficult life circumstances.  It's important to me that people leave consultations and workshops feeling empowered and knowing exactly “how to” implement changes into their lives.

What else might you want to know?

Mmm - well I'm not a perfect greenie, carrot queen type, and don't know every ingredient in every product on the market.  I can't be doing with calorie counting! I love ice cream and genetically shouldn't be eating too much broccoli but have potential to be a fabulous endurance athlete (hahaha!)...

I love fresh rainbow foods, and think many of us could do with more bright, vibrant natural colours to help us flourish.  It doesn't bother me if you eat drink or take supplements when you should, I'm more concerned with if you have a twinkle in your eye and a spring in your step!

My experience includes leading and facilitating groups including nutrition courses for weight-loss in children and their families. Advising on a range of health disorders with people from all walks of life, from babies and children to older people, as well as in institutional settings - with menu planning and working with people who have special dietary requirements.


*  Dip ION - Institute for Optimum Nutrition

*  BSc (Hons) Nutritional Science - CNELM

*  MSc Reproduction & Development - University of Bristol

*  Certified Food and Spirit Practitioner - Trained with Deanna Minich

*  Ultimate Raw Food Teacher - Trained with Karen Knowler and Russell James

* More than 800 hours of Yoga Teacher Training with refinements in meditation, pranayama, asana, subtle energy and philosophy.  


My CPD ranges from 80 - 300 hours a year - I love learning, and have an insatiable curiosity into what makes us, as human BEINGS, feel utterly glorious and ALIVE, versus crappy and blah!

Anyway - yeah, I love sharing all this - and quiet time too!

Hmmm the deliciousness of silence, breath and heartbeats ... 

Think that's all for now :)

Would love to hear from you.  Feel free to drop me a line and share a tale...


* * * * *

Consultations - Sorry, private nutrition consults are not currently available. 


360-Therapy - Next Course Starts Winter 2020. The webpage is currently being re-developed. If you are a health/wellbeing practitioner or care for others, and are interested in finding out more, then please email me. Would love you to join us!

Research - Always open to hear how I may be able to help develop the field of wellness further, let's chat!


Restorative Body Movement  & Meditation - Keep an eye out ... bob over to this page for more info. 


* * * * *

In the meantime, keep well, keep happy and live as if you mean it!  


For further information about my research projects or voluntary work please visit or connect with me on Linkedin.

From the moment I met Nicola I felt comfortable sharing my story and health challenges with her.  Her supportive manner really helped me to open up and be honest with her about all my past health issues.

Mrs D

You can tell through her obvious knowledge, and personality, that she truly enjoys helping others.  Within a very short time she led me onto a life-changing path, which I am truly grateful for.  Thank you Nicola.  

Mrs D

My health and quality of life have improved a lot over the time we have been working together.

Mrs SB

Nicola is very encouraging and supportive and I felt she helped me make some healthy changes to my diet. 

Mrs AS

"Leave your drugs in the chemist pot if you can heal the patient with food.”  



Nutritional Therapist * Scientist * Restorative Body Movement and Meditation Facilitator.  

Member of The Institute for Functional Medicine.

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