Restorative Body Movement

& Meditation


is a flow



a flow of attention,

and a

flow of love."


Join me for a delicious restorative body movement and/or meditation session.

It’s super easy!  

To help our bodies recover, replenish and rejuvenate we need to give them some down time.  This is where restorative body movement and meditations come into practice.  


Relaxing in a calming environment, with gentle music and supporting cushions, bolsters, and blankets - you will be verbally or visually invited into various positions and shapes to help ease and relax the body and mind.

Meditations are also facilitated so you leave feeling re-connected and re-centered.

Relax, reconnect and recentre...

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The next short course: 


“Yoni Shakti Movement ’n’ Meditation"

3-week course

Starts: To Be Confirmed 


Location:  UK (to be confirmed)

Allow the powerful, sassy, feminine text of Yoni Shakti to nourish you, as your body moves in and out of delicious soothing shapes.


Perfect for all body shapes and sizes, and those who do, or have never done, restorative body movement ... 

These sessions are focused on supporting female pelvic, hormonal and menstrual health.

Please email me at: to find out more or to book a space.


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Previous short courses:


"Discovering Meditations That Work For You"

3-week course - February 2019

Location:  The Mandala Room, Abu Dhabi

 * * * * * * *

“Lila (Playful) Movement ’n’ Meditation"

4-week course ~ September 2017


Location:   The Sunset Lounge, Abu Dhabi

 * * * * * * * 

"Candlelight Restoratives, Meditation and Mantra"

4-week course ~ January 2017


Location:   The Sunset Lounge, Abu Dhabi

 * * * * * * * 

"Discovering Meditations That Work For You" 

 4-week course ~ October 2016


Location:   DNA Centre, Talise Spa, Al Qasr Hotel, Dubai.

"I've always been someone who pushes and challenges my body, sometimes going beyond its limits and ignoring the screams from my body to take a break.  It was only when I went through Nic's class, that I realised how much my body needed to rest and recover.  Thank you Nic for the beautiful restorative and meditation class and that realisation to listen, love and care for my body!"

Serena Y

"Nic is a bright light.  She's a really inspirational, caring woman who has a refreshing outlook on life and is keen to share her knowledge about yoga and health.  Nic has a wonderful upbeat personality that is contagious and I really enjoy learning from her."

Katia D

“The class was great, it had amazing energy and I could feel the love throughout the class. It was a lot of fun to try the really tasty juices and snacks - and great to be around such amazing people!  

Thank you so much!"

Dani L

"Nic, you had more of an impact on me than you'd imagine.  

I switch to your voice in my head and that English-accented inner voice brings me to an ocean of calm."

Amanda T

“Great fun, and a really nice harmony amongst the participants.  

Left feeling relaxed yet energised.

Thank you!"

Rusty M

"Leave your drugs in the chemist pot if you can heal the patient with food.”  



Nutritional Therapist * Scientist * Restorative Body Movement and Meditation Facilitator.  

Member of The Institute for Functional Medicine.

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