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I’m not currently offering private nutrition consultations,


If you are interested in finding a practitioner then please visit British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT) for a list of Registered Nutritional Therapists.


Or The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) for a list of registered Functional Medicine practitioners.

"Where there is laughter, there

are miracles"




is when



is included."

Doc Childra

Nicola's help made a huge difference in my health and quality of life.  She is knowledgeable, committed and very supportive, which made me engage with the dietary changes almost effortlessly. The results of her holistic approach were amazing with remarkable improvements as demonstrated by lab results and the reduction in symptoms.  For all of your support, thank you so much.

The way you relate to my daughter, explain things so she can understand, and take her opinion on board is great.  She is making a lot of positive food choices because of the time you, and I, have spent explaining benefits of certain foods and the improvements she’s seen in her condition.

Mrs B

Working through my health issues with Nicola was very rewarding.  Not only did I get a professional but I found someone who genuinely cared about my health and happiness.  She truly is the whole package.


Nicola suggested some changes to my diet that I would never have thought of but they have really worked for me.

Mrs S

"Leave your drugs in the chemist pot if you can heal the patient with food.”  



Nutritional Therapist * Scientist * Restorative Body Movement and Meditation Facilitator.  

Member of The Institute for Functional Medicine.

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