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360 Therapy

It does not matter
if you are a
rose or a lotus
or a marigold.
What matters is that you are flowering.
Only surround yourself with people who will lift you higher.
Oprah Winfrey
Ready to re-light your fire,
re-balance your self-care, work and passions,
tackle your inner quiblies,
give and gain support with your peers?
If so, we’d love you to join us!

Is it time to give yourself or your business a kick up the jacksy?  

If so, then this might be just what youre after!


What is 360 Therapy?

This is a series of 9-month peer support sessions for Nutritional Therapists and Natural Health Practitioners, new and long serving ~ with self-care and living as a resilient practitioner being the key focus throughout.

Why join in?

My aim is to hold the space to support practitioners (current, non-practicing, thinking of leaving or returning) to support one another with their business, hopes, fears, dreams and aspirations. 

The sessions will be very much guided by each individuals desires, and personal situation. You will be responsible for the choices and goals you set, and then feeding back to the group for positive encouraging 360-peer-support.

Perfect if you are starting out, want to share your wonders or wobbles, work, life balances, feeling isolated, lost enthusiasm or maybe you want to want to jump start or take your practice to the next level. OR .. if you’re not sure exactly what you need but know you need something!

Also we’ll invite our shadow parts to be seen and be given some loving attention ~ in order to utilise what may be perceived as weaknesses into strengths.


Self-care and playing with resilience are key to thriving as an individual and as a health practitioner.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, please schedule a FREE 15-minute call with me to discuss.

Very much looking forward to hearing from you.

What I offer?

Having qualified in 2011, run my own therapy practice for seven years, along with working as part of a multi-disciplinary functional medicine team (with a high number of VIP guests) for two and a half years, I’ve experienced many highs and lows of clinical practice.

Navigating legalities of working overseas (outside of UK) and co-ordinating support for 65 international practitioners as a voluntary role with BANT (for three years) has given me a unique experience of working with many practitioners in a wide range of countries, and with individuals working within many different situations.

When and where do we meet?

This is a 9-month programme.


Virtual meetings are held via Zoom, and we meet monthly, April through to November 2019. 

Each call runs for 75 minutes.

Each session includes a specific topic facilitated by me (Nic), and then followed by a group discussion.

This 9-month programme is very much personalised to your needs, ensuring that every individual is growing at a pace that suits them, whilst having the group to motivate, support, mentor and encourage you to fulfil your potential.



£108 for the whole package!

This includes 9-monthly calls, reading lists, activities and group support.

Starting April 2019 - running through to November 2019

Anything else?

Once you’ve signed up then you’ll be provided with a recommended reading list.

I encourage personalised and individualised ways of working, which may ‘not be the norm’, and very much enjoy exploring the different ways the feminine side of us may run and operate a business compared to the masculine.  

How to join in?

Please email me at:  for more info.